15-year-old junior golfer who has verbally committed to USC (class of 2020)

Coaches I have worked with

updated Feb. 26, 2017

Terry Sullivan (Santa Teresa Golf Club)
John Snopkowski (Santa Teresa Golf Club)
Alex Murray (Burlingame Golf Center)
Steve Watanabe (The Bridges Golf Club)
Roy Day (Shoreline Golf Link)
Justin Thayer (Nike Golf)
Kevin Lozares (Palo Alto Golf Course)
Chuck DaSilva (Rockcreek Country Club)

Height vs driver carry distance recorded every summer

updated Jun. 5, 2017

How does my swing develop?

updated Oct. 31, 2015

15-yr-old (full swing) 'play it on youtube'15-yr-old (short game) 'play it on youtube'

14-yr-old (full swing) 'play it on youtube'14-yr-old (short game) 'play it on youtube'

13-yr-old (full swing) 'play it on youtube'13-yr-old (short game) 'play it on youtube'

12-yr-old 'play it on youtube'12-yr-old 'play it on youtube'

11-yr-old 'play it on youtube'10-yr-old 'play it on youtube'

9-yr-old 'play it on youtube'8-yr-old 'play it on youtube'

7-yr-old 'play it on youtube'6-yr-old 'play it on youtube'

5-yr-old 'play it on youtube'4-yr-old 'play it on youtube'